Cadzand Vicky Courtens

Bij Wonenmetidee staan tijdloze objecten centraal. We decoreren vaak met mooie kunstobjecten waaronder ook deze werken.

Vicky Courtens (1974) is a Belgian self-taught ceramist who started a ceramics design laboratory in 2017. She uses computer technology to design prototypes and materialises them through traditional and artisanal production methods. Courtens’ work consists of durable and timeless designs that are handmade and unique. She surprises the beholder with fun and eye-catching ceramic pieces that invite to take a closer look. Vicky is mainly inspired by nature, as well as man-made objects that can be found in nature, landmarks like breakwaters, towers, buoys… that alter the horizon’s otherwise flat surface.

Cadzand is a ceramic art object by the Belgian artist Vicky Courtens. It is inspired by the breakwaters in the Dutch seaside town of Cadzand. The piece radiates timelessness and surprises the beholder with its minimalist and eye-catching design that invites to take a closer look. This design objects are manufactured by hand in the artisanal ceramics studio Arte Factory at the west coast of Portugal. Cadzand is available in black, metallic and white. Small differences in colour and size are a natural result of the artisanal manufacturing process.

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