Darius & Suri – by Sofia Speybrouck

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Sofia Speybrouck (1970) is an artist based near the picturesque city of Bruges, Belgium. Stemming from a long line of artists, she developed a passion for design and art at a very early age. In her work, Sofia dissects objects of nature and everyday life until left only the bare essence is left. That essence is then transposed into a monumental shape through a composition of flat
surfaces, curved and straight lines and well balanced spaces.

Darius & Suri
Darius and Suri are ceramic figurines designed by the Belgian artist Sofia Speybrouck. Sofia’s inspiration for the creation of these pieces lies in her love for animals and cats in particular. She masterfully designed two figurines that, when placed together, form a harmonious unity, yet express very different personalities: Darius is serene and calm, which contrasts with the boisterous character of his sister Suri. Both cats exude an elegance typical for felines through the combination of flowing lines and bent and flat surfaces. The figurines are manufactured by hand in the artisanal ceramics studio Arte Factory located at the west coast of Portugal. They are available in black, brown and off white. Small differences in colour and size are a natural result of the artisanal manufacturing process.

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