The Visitor By Guido Deleu

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Guido Deleu (1932) is a Belgian sculptor and civil engineer who worked for the company Philips for most of his life. Upon retirement, he decided to dedicate his life to art and sculpting. His artistic journey began at the Academy of Arts in Roeselare followed by several workshops in Carrara, Italy, focusing on carving  techniques in marble. Deleu’s creations in ceramic and bronze have a contemporary, sophisticated and balanced out quality to them, making them the perfect complement to any interior. His most iconic creation is The Visitor, a kind and friendly figure whom anyone would welcome with open arms.

The Visitor
The Visitor is a kind figure whom anyone would welcome with open arms. Smooth lines, a friendly appearance and an extensive colour palette make this art object an iconic Gardeco favourite since its launch in 2009. The figurine was originally designed for the opening of a cultural centre in Belgium by the sculptor Guido Deleu and is available in ceramic in more than forty colours, skilfully manufactured by hand at the studio Cores da Terra in Brazil, as well as in bronze, cast using the ancient lost wax method.

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